Welcome to the Hong Kong Election Study!

The Hong Kong Election Study (HKES) is a continual survey study that aims to advance the understanding of voting behavior in Hong Kong. The goal of the HKES is to provide objective data based on rigorously designed, theory-driven, and non-partisan survey instruments to answer important questions such as “why people vote?” and “what motivates them to vote for a candidate?”

The HKES has been funded by the University Grants Committee’s General Research Fund to conduct surveys in the 2015 District Council Election and the 2016 Legislative Council Election (GRF Ref. No.: 14615915). We also target to conduct another round of survey for the Chief Executive Election in 2017.

We collected our data from Internet surveys. We commission YouGov to administer our surveys using internet survey technologies. We are committed to making our high-quality survey data publicly available in order to facilitate research on Hong Kong elections.